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First time trying and I LOVE this place now! They perfected my order! I got the 10 piece wings and I requested 2 different sauces with blue cheese dressing, also I got volcano nachos and requested the toppings to be on the side. I also LOVE that you can get your wings grilled... overall you would think chicken wings and nachos would be a greasy meal- NOPE! The wings were amazing, i got buffalo and hickory bbq... amazing flavor, light and not overly sauced, the fries were thick and yummy, nachos were good, toppings were actually healthy! Beware they are spicy because of the jalapeos. I WILL BE ORDERING AGAIN! Support your local halal restaurant! I cant wait for my husband to try them

Jimmy Jihoon

1 review
Ordered Lasagna
Jumbo Cheese Ravioli

Both were great and amount of food was enough

when food was Delivered it was still hot
Just ike aving the dinner from the restaurant


Top Reviewer
Very very good food, was very much pleased and happy to finally get a pizza that was not burnt. I definitely got my moneys worth and very pleased.


1 review
I was grateful to find a restaurant near me still open & have good food. Plus deliver.


3 reviews
Great place to eat . at night is considered to be the best place to eat in the area

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